Men's VERSA Hiking Pants
Men's VERSA Hiking Pants
Men's VERSA Hiking Pants

Men's VERSA Hiking Pants

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The original Men's VERSA Hiking Pants took the outdoor industry by storm last season. Outdoor enthusiasts everywhere are calling the VERSA Pant "for the money, the best cold weather adventure pant on the market."

*Flex engineered to make the B2 perfect for hiking, skiing, climbing, biking, fishing, hunting, adventuring, outdoor construction or just hanging out!
*Five functionally sized pockets with easy pull toggle zips. New!
*Soft, quiet and stretchy.
*Dual strategic venting to allow the option for more airflow. New!
*Constructed of an improved special stretched polytetraflyoroethylene (PTFE) fabric blend designed to repel liquid water while allowing body water vapor to pass through.
*All new Ankle Side Zips with stretch technology designed to fit over ski touring boots. New!
*Lightweight water resistant fabric technology works hard to keep the outdoor elements out.
*Perfect combination for all season wear.

    *Note: sizes are true to fit (there is about 2-3 inches of elastic stretch in waist).

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